BioTuning vegetable oil conversion parts and kits for diesel vehicles BioTuning vegetable oil conversion parts and kits for diesel vehicles

Welcome to BioTuning...

BioTuning are a family business that specialises in the supply of components for conversion of diesel vehicles to run on vegetable oil.

We have been sourcing, designing and manufacturing vegoil conversion parts for over 10 years. Our parts are engineered to be efficient and robust. They are well regarded and known to give many years of reliable service. We offer a 12 month warranty on our parts and are quick to respond to enquiries or issues, should they arise. Our parts have been used in thousands of vehicle conversions in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

The advantages of driving on used vegetable oil are numerous and include substantial cost and environmental benefits:

  • Financially, huge savings can be made on the cost of fuel. A change to the duty on biofuels was made on 30th June 2007, resulting in a threshold of 2,500 litres of fuel per year being set. If you use less than this limit you do not need to register, submit returns or pay fuel duty on the vegetable oil you use as road fuel. This represents a tax and duty saving of up to £2,000 per year. If you are able to acquire and filter your own supply of waste oil then the savings can be greater still. With the cost of fuel at £1.25 per litre (Dec 2014), using waste oil can give an annual fuel cost saving of £3,125.
  • Used cooking oil (UCO) is a carbon neutral fuel and makes good use of an otherwise waste product. It is globally recognised that active steps need to be made in order to reduce our CO2 emissions to combat climate change. These include the use of alternative energies and fuels. Biofuels are arguably one solution in the fight to reduce emissions and driving on unmodified waste vegetable oil is the most sustainable of all biofuels.

For some really good, clear information about driving on vegetable oil, please visit Geoff's fantastic website Bosch diesel filter head where you will find information and videos describing how a twin tank system works, driving on vegetable oil and filtering waste oil as well as pages and pages of background, hints and tips. All useful information if you are thinking of venturing into the world of vegoil motoring

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